Published On: August 18, 2015

The results are in and Mechanical Rubber’s Customer Satisfaction has once again increased.

Each year, Mechanical Rubber sends out a Customer Satisfaction Survey to customers that ordered within the prior year. The survey includes ratings for the Sales Process, Customer Service, Quality and Delivery. Customers are able to rate the company in a series of categories from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent) and requests comments where appropriate. For overall experience, 71.4% of respondents rated Mechanical Rubber “Excellent” with 21.4% rating the company “Very Good” and 7.1% reporting a “Good” experience. Mechanical Rubber received no “Fair” or “Poor” ratings.

“Mechanical Rubber set an aggressive goal to achieve an EVG (Excellent/Very Good) rating of 84% minimum,” stated Alisa Sherow from the company’s Quality Assurance department. “We are thrilled with a result of 92.8%.”

“Customer Satisfaction reflects not just our product, but our people,” said President and CEO Cedric Glasper. “Mechanical Rubber has a highly-functioning, responsible and invested team that I am proud of. These numbers reflect the high standards that I have set for the company, as well as the high standards the staff have set for themselves.”

A chart including the breakdown of survey results is available at “How Are We Doing?” on the Resources page at

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