Product Solutions

Cushions: Oval Shaped

Gaskets: Antenna Bumper Fuel Section Tube Set Inlet Striker Stud Plate Windshield

Pads: Handle Noise Insulator

Protectors: Bushing RR Wheel Spare Wheel Stopper

Seals: Chain Coupling Cover Duct Fuel Injection Dust Lifter Link LPM Mount

Washers: Dust Seal Hinge to Body Spacer Stabilizer


ASTM E162: Surface Flammability

ASTM E662: Optical Density of Smoke

ASTM E1354: Heat & Smoke Release Rates

ASTM C1166: Flame Propagation of Elastomers

Bombardier SMP 800-C: Toxicity Analysis

BSS 7239: Toxic Gas Generation

FMVSS 302: Flammability of Interior Materials


The automotive market may have the widest range of material requirements of any industry we serve. From bulk foam strip with pressure sensitive adhesive, to custom die cut gasket to molded hoses, we offer products for many different applications for this market.

A customer approached us to mold a cooling system hose with a very short lead time. We were able to use tooling they provided from their existing supplier and a custom chloroprene compound to provide high quality parts to their delivery dates.