Product Solutions

Armatures: Pipe Organ Insulator C-17 Chest Magnet

Gaskets: Reisner Chest Magnet Donut Reisner Chest Base Spacer Wurlitzer Cap Wurlitzer Magnet

Tubing: Air Switch


Maintaining pipe organs is a demanding prospect. An industry leader needed the highest quality rubber components to last and avoid air leaks that ultimately distort the sound of the music.

After several years of supplying their chloroprene/cork cap gaskets, they came to us and asked if we could also supply replacement air hose that would provide their customers with the quality and long life expected.

We recommended our chloroprene compound MR35-70-34 and have provided extruded air hose of several sizes, ensuring long life and consistent performance, which has satisfied their requirements and the customer is very pleased with the value they receive.