Product Solutions

Cushions: Truck Equalizer Bar

Extrusion: Window Glazing Filler Seal

Gaskets: Bottom ◊ Connector Flange End Cap

Seals: Bumper ◊ Door ◊ Wiper

Washers: Foam Tape


FST (Flame, Smoke & Toxicity) Retardant

ASTM E162: Surface Flammability

ASTM E662: Optical Density of Smoke

ASTM E1354: Heat & Smoke Release Rates

Bombardier SMP800-C-Rev C: Toxicity Analysis

Boeing 7239: Toxic Gas Generation

FMVSS 302: Flammability of Interior Materials

NFPA 130: Fixed Guideway Transit & Passenger Rail Systems


A transit company had problems with replacement glazing seals on three types of rail car windows. A durable seal providing a good weather seal to withstand vibration and passenger impact was necessary.

We made an extrusion die providing a robust shape and fabricated their seals using our compound MR43-80-01, proven to be a good solution to their dilemma.