• Non-heat treatable
  • Principal Alloying Element: 99% minimum aluminum
  • Tensile strength: 10 to 27 ksi

Commercially pure aluminum (99%) with excellent forming characteristics and good machinability. Superior corrosion resistance. Excellent electrical conductivity


AMS 4003 & 7220
ASME SFA5.10 (ER1100) & SFA5.3 (E1100)
AWS A5.10 (ER1100) & A5.3 (E1100)
MIL A-52174, A-52177, C-26094, E15597 (MIL-1100), I-23413 (MIL-1100), R-5674, S-24149/5, W-6712 & W-85
QQ A-1876, A-225/1, A-250/1, A-430 & WW-T-700/1
SAE J454
UNS J91100