• Heat Treatable
  • Principal Alloying Element: Zinc (0.8 to 12.0%)
  • Tensile strength: 32 to 88 ksi

One of the highest strength, this alloy is primarily used in aircraft, aerospace and competitive sporting equipment requiring high performance.


AMS 4044, AMS 4045, AMS 4049, AMS 4131, AMS 4147, AMS 4154, AMS 4323
ASTM B209, ASTM B210, ASTM B211, ASTM B221,ASTM B241, ASTM B247, ASTM B316, ASTM B468
DMS 2233
MIL-A-12545, MIL-A-22771, MIL-F-18280, MIL-F-5509
QQ-A-200/11, QQ-A-200/15, QQ-A-225/9, QQ-A-250/13, QQ-A-250/24, QQ-A-367, QQ-A-430
SAE J454
UNS A97075


Die CutSheet